Charming the Tarot: Using Charms with the Tarot to Deepen Divination with Karen Krebser

Join Karen Krebser of The Muse’s Darling on November 22, 2014 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for an exploration of working with charms and cards!

Sometimes when we deal out the cards, it takes us a little time to figure out what they’re trying to say. With so many potential meanings available to us for each card, especially if we read reversals, it can be challenging to know which meaning is intended at which particular draw. This class will teach you to use charms with your cards to help narrow things down a bit, giving direction and some clarity and maybe even a new way of seeing the cards.

Charms are an increasingly popular form of divination in which symbolic items, or even everyday hum-drum items, are infused with meaning and cast across the cards. Using charms in this way can help provide clarity and add an extra layer of depth to your readings, whether you’re reading for yourself or for others. If you have charms, please bring them with you to the class. But never fear if you don’t. Little everyday items will be provided that you can use as charms to get you started.
The workshop will be held at our studio in Alameda, California. Due to space considerations, we request that you preregister for the class on the Tarot Media Company website.
See you there!

November Tarot Journey with Anastasia Haysler: Strength, the Star, and the Eights; The Hermit, the Moon, and the Nines.

For 2014, we’ll be taking a numerological tour of the Tarot. On November 8, we’ll visit with Strength, the Star, and the Eights, and wrap up with the Hermit, the Moon, and the Nines.

What does their numerological link say to us in a reading? What other connections do these cards have? How can we work with the energy of the Eights and Nines to deepen our readings?

 Bring your cards, notebook and pen, and your experiences with these cards!

The workshop features discussions, practical exercises, and direct, personal exploration of the cards.  The registration fee includes morning coffee and tea, and afternoon refreshments.

Each class runs from 11:00 am — 5:00 pm, held at our studio in Alameda, California. We’re trying something new – a full day class that includes two workshops – allowing us to delve deeper into our work with the cards.

Due to space considerations, we request that you preregister for the class on the Tarot Media Company website.

See you in November!

Mission Alchemy: Time of Transformation

Mission Alchemy is now a free-form entity! Having outgrown the physical shell at our original location, we are now a virtual entity, manifesting in various locations to offer workshops on Tarot, Lenormand, divination, and other expansive topics. We’re redoing our website, and will have the new site – and the new calendar of events – up soon! Stay tuned!

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